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We invent, design, build, and implement workforce optimization solutions for specialty retailers.

We believe that service matters, payroll is an investment, and employees are essential to brand profitability. We build long-term, win-win partnerships to help you deliver your brand promise.

We Are Retailers

We think like retailers because we are retailers. Matrix was founded in 2005 by experienced retailers who have built tools that have written millions and millions of schedules. Our retail experience has helped us develop solutions and approaches that address the unique challenges and opportunities of specialty retail, while also differentiating us in the marketplace.

Labor Optimization

We add value to our client partnerships by helping to deliver a healthier P&L by putting the exact amount of labor precisely where it is needed. We have helped clients increase top-line sales, decrease payroll expense, and sometimes both simultaneously. To do this well requires specific capabilities.

  • Create labor demand forecasts for multiple metrics, using a retail-specific forecast engine that understands and interprets individual store reaction to: marketing events, store trend, company trend, seasonality, calendar and holiday shifts
  • Build schedules from the ground up by applying multiple labor standards, to multiple demand forecasts at the hourly level
  • Create accurate forecasts for multiple labor drivers (sales, traffic, transactions, units, etc.)
  • Ability to quantify tasks that could be offset or absorbed during periods of excess floor coverage, at the store-day-hour level
  • Run forward-looking, full-year labor models (by creating a full year of weekly schedules for all stores in the chain)
  • A web-scheduler with a user interface that is so intuitive and user-friendly that a store manager could create a schedule with no training

Unique Capabilities

We link sophisticated technology to simple interfaces to provide the tools and information to help manage and optimize your workforce.  Our solutions range from tactical tools for managing payroll budget, to strategic planning tools to drive profitable sales.

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